Dogs actually living with us

Oudalans Adu

Highslide JS Oudalans Adu

Our male dog from Kelas first litter and father of the Ak Ilaman W-litter. Therefore he is the father of Wiza. Adu is a very reliable dog who can walk freely most of the time. In autumn he has lots of worries as it looks like all the bitches in our village becoming her season.

Ak Ilaman Wiza

Highslide JS Ak Ilaman Wiza

Wiza is our youngster from Ak Ilaman W-litter. Adu is her father. If she is grown up a bit she will get her own Homepage.

Al Hara´s Rizwah

Highslide JS Al Hara´s Rizwah

Rizwah - named Rizzi - is our foster dog from animal rescue. She is 11 years old now and nobody was interested in her. Finaly we decided to take her into our family to give her a nice evening of life.

More information about the Ak Ilaman W litter you will find on ak Ilaman Blog and on Facebook acount of Michael Rackl.


Kela from Burkina Faso, foundress of the kennel

Oudalan is the province in Burkina Faso where Kela is comming from. She is from Ayad's pack, who is living in Tin Akoff county. The name Tin Akoff was already in use for another Kennel in Czech Republic.
From Ayad´s pack are also other well known dogs like Hatshepsut, who passed away at August 2010 at the age of 13½. David Moore (Al-Ifriqiya) did some very successful breeding with her.


We like to breed healthy, robust and authentic Azawakhs.